Sébastien Forrester

Drummer and composer Sébastien Forrester has until now been known as Holy Strays. Active under the moniker since 2011, the 26 year-old musician has released several singles and EPs on international labels Not Not Fun Records, Atelier Ciseaux, Morning Ritual and Something in Construction. Currently based in Southern Paris, he spent times in Gabon and the Caribbean – different backgrounds that helped forge his cultural identity. He acquired during his early years in Africa a passion for percussion that has since then been a constant.
Over the last couple of years, Sébastien Forrester has remixed Rejjie Snow, SUUNS and Forest Swords and shared stages with acts as diverse as SBTRKT, The Soft Moon and Lapalux while studying modern literature at the Sorbonne, pursuing his academic course as a jazz drummer and slowly crafting new material, haunted by the will to experiment and develop his idiosyncrasy. Now part of Beggars Music Publishing’s roster, his skills have been extended to production for other artists, film scores and a first academic piece for church organ and percussion.
As the moniker was no longer reflecting his broad approach to making sounds, releasing music under his own name soon became obvious. While Holy Strays’ sound was withdrawn and contemplative, Sébastien Forrester’s is bigger in tone and wider in production. Drawing equally from jazz in all its diversity, traditional music, sound design, experimental and electronic micro genres, his new songs are highly cinematic and epic, exploring the themes of vulnerability, decay, inner conflict, suburban life and the quest for truth in a globalized and digitalized environment.

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Holy Strays ~ Chasm [official video] w/ Ndoho Ange

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